Alzheimer's and Related Dementias

Alzheimers and related Dementias

People with Alzheimer's disease benefit from being active and doing things they enjoy. They may need some help planning activities. Incorporate activities the person enjoys into your daily routine and try to do them at a similar time each day. The person can participate in the activity or just watch.

Here are some tips to make activities enjoyable for a person with Alzheimer's:

  • Match the activity with what the person with Alzheimer's can do.

  • Choose activities that can be fun for everyone.

  • Help the person get started.

  • Decide if he or she can do the activity alone or needs help.

  • Watch to see if the person gets frustrated.

  • Make sure he or she feels successful and has fun.

  • Let him or her watch if that is more enjoyable.

Visit our website for more">ideas for activities to do with a person with Alzheimer's disease.

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