Illinois Aging Network Alert - May 07, 2019

Illinois Aging Network Alert – May 7, 2019
A report of the impact Area Agencies on Aging have on Illinois seniors.

Illinois Area Agencies on Aging and the 230 community organizations that receive support from the Older Americans Act and the Illinois Act on Aging thank Governor Pritzker for including funding in his 2020 budget to assist with implementing the $15.00 minimum wage rollout in Illinois. Without this increase in state funding the Aging Network would have had to decrease services to older adults in Illinois or make the decision to lay off employees.   

The increase in the minimum wage not only impacts the people we employ who receive minimum wage it impacts all our employees. Area Agencies on Aging and the 230 local community organizations we fund will also need to raise the wages of most other employees to a level commensurate with their job duties. If we do not do this, we will be compressing wages for our employees who earn above $15.00 per hour. Their wages also need to be livable wages that reflect their level of job responsibilities.  

Please support Illinois Area Agencies on Aging and the 230 non-profit and government entities who partner with us and receive federal Older Americans Act and Illinois state funds so we can continue providing services and programs for Illinois older adults. The table below delineates the funding needed to fully implement the $15.00 minimum wage roll out and maintain the wage levels of all employees of the Area Agencies on Aging and our grantees.  

i4a alert 5.7.19

Employees of the Aging Network impact the lives of 559,000 older persons and their family caregivers by assisting them to access community-based services. Accessing these services enhance the older person’s ability to remain in their own home in their local community.

For more information, contact Susan C. Real, I4A Legislative Chair (309-829-2065 ext. 218) or Joy Paeth, I4A President (618-222-2561).

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