2017 Benefit Access Application changes

We have been diligently working with our IT Division to make several changes to the Benefit Access System which we believe should help reduce some of the frustrations you are experiencing. If all goes as planned, the following changes will be effective on  Wednesday, May 10th:

All pending applications older than 90 days will be noted as no activity (NA). Moving forward, pending applications will be closed (CL) the next business day.

All applications submitted in error (SE’s) without attachments older than 90 days will be noted as NA. Moving forward, attaching documents to SE's will no longer be available and will be closed (CL) the next business day.

The capability to copy and paste required data (SSN and name) on the  Welcome Page will not be allowed.

The internal process relating to Manager Review has been revised. The majority of the applications currently in Manager Review should be released.

If you are filing applications for claimants, please include your organization’s name, e-mail and SHAP Code as the preparer on the Submit Page. 

Thank you so much for your continue patience and all the assistance that you provide to seniors and persons with disabilities.

Please let me know if questions or concerns. 


Elizabeth Delheimer, M.A., CIRS-A/D

Illinois Department on Aging

Division Manager

Office of Community Relations & Outreach

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