Tell us your story about how an older adult made a difference in your life! You may include a sentence or two about the work you do with older adults and your favorite part about what you do.

Example:  My name is Ashley Fortnight and I am an administrative support specialist at East Central Illinois Area Agency on Aging (ECIAAA). ECIAAA plans, coordinates, and advocates for the development of opportunities and services to achieve outcomes which promote the health, strength, independence, dignity, and autonomy of older persons and persons with disabilities, and support families caring for older persons, and grandparents and other relatives raising children. My grandmother was an older adult that influences my life to this day. We didn’t live close, and as I was growing up we didn’t get to see each other often. But when we did get together, she pulled out all the stops. “Let’s bake a cake! I’m sure we missed someone’s birthday!” She was a wonderful cook and always had her own garden. She gave us all her attention while we were there, and made us feel special. She taught this lefthanded girl to crochet by sitting across from me so I could mirror her movements. Every day at work and at home, I try to use the characteristics she showed me through the example of how she lived her life. She wasn’t glamorous or rich, but I hope to be just like her as I age! When she passed I was asked what of hers I wanted to keep. Her recipe boxes of course! So now I can actually taste memories of our precious time together.

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