I4A Alert for August 11, 2017


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Education – An Aging Issue!
First things First - The Illinois Association of Area Agencies on Aging is most thankful for the enactment of a State Budget that responded to our requests over the past years.  We are beginning the process of rebuilding our networks as funding begins to flow.  What a great change from the past two years!
The issue today is Education Funding – Our Association is not an expert on this subject, but we do know that school funding is an “aging issue.”
Not only do older persons support our schools through property and income taxes, but across Illinois there are 34,027 Grandparents age 60 and over raising their Grandchildren as the primary parent(s) (Department of Commerce - U.S. Census - American Community Survey).
Often these grandparents are alone, facing legal, health, mobility, societal and income barriers.  School days and education are essential to support their ability to meet their obligations for a full life for their children.  School contributes to their stamina and ability to handle all the demands of a Relative who is working through the red tape, physical obstacles and endurance needed to be a parent.
Please resolve the school funding formula issue to assure quality education for all Illinois children and quality schools for these wonderful grandparents!
Distributed for the Illinois Association of Area Agencies on Aging by:
Jonathan Lavin
Chief Executive Officer

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